What size Vogmask will provide a good fit?

Here are the Vogmask NEW SIZE NAMES:

51-120 lbs / 23-58 kg

121-200 lbs / 59-90 kg

200+ lbs / 90+ kg

Why do I need a vogmask?

All around the world people are choosing the simple, safe and effective way to protect from airborne contaminants, germs, pollen, dust and other particle contaminants (down to .3um) by donning a high efficiency filtering face mask. Combining fashion and function, Vogmask offers a stylish way to protect what you breathe.

Microfiber vs Organic?

The filter material used by vogmask is highly effective at filtering particles from entering the nose and mouth, and the mask remains dry and comfortable during prolonged use. It helps to filter particles over .3 micrometers.

Organic cotton Vogmasks feature a Certified Organic Cotton outer and inner layer with 95% filter middle layer filtering textile. There are also Vogmask Organic VMC2V offering the freshest way to protect in warm climates. The 95% filter layer is combined with active carbon filter layer for protecting from odors and ozone, sewn into the mask, and 2 exhale valves for easy breathing while exhaling.

What does reusable mean?

Vogmask may be reused with the recommended useful life differing air quality environments. Replace the mask when the breathing resistance increases, as the pores of the non woven filtering nanofiber textile in the middle of the mask become filled.

Can I wash my vogmask?

Vogmask may be kept fresh by rinsing lightly on outer and inner layer, applying a small drop of liquid soap, rinsing again, and hang dry. Do not submerge the mask in water as successive exposure to water of the middle filter layer (sewn into the mask) will affect filtering efficiency. You may also use an alcohol based disinfectant wipe on outer and inner layer.

Will my vogmask prevent me from getting sick?

Wearing a vogmask keeps certain airborne particles out of your nose, mouth and lungs. Vogmask does not guarantee protecton from illness or any harmful substance. Filtering is more efficient when mask is fitted properly. Follow directions on package or inside packaging.

Can I use my vogmask in the snow?

Wearing a mask in extreme weather conditions is beneficial to protect the face and lips, keep your face warm and conserve heat. Masks also protect your lungs from icy particles of extreme weather, and from sunburn and windburn.

My vogmask fits tightly around my ears. Will it stretch?

Yes. Your vogmask will mold to your face shape and the ear loops will stretch to accommodate. Most people find their vogmask becomes more comfortable after being worn a few times.

Can I use my vogmask with chemicals?

No, vogmask is not recommended for use around chemicals or oil based particles..